Rabarber creates Office templates for EQT

The global investment organization EQT had a need for smart Office templates for PowerPoint presentations and for Word documents like reports and letters. They also wanted to be able to create charts and tables in Excel in a swift way, but still according to their visual identity.

The presentation tool that we built makes it possible for users to choose between different formats. For on screen slideshows EQT use the wide format (16:9). When the main purpose with a presentation is to print it, they use a landscape A4 format. Since presentations are information heavy and include many charts, it was important to be able to control the design for charts in every detail, not just regarding colours and fonts. Charts can be created with different colour setups and the tool makes it possible to control as many colours as EQT prefers.



A simple click creates an EQT chart with all settings according to the visual identity.


PowerPoint is an important tool for EQT and is used not only to create traditional slideshows. Therefore, different tools that are similar to Words features were implemented in the solution. The presentation tool has a styles feature, a table of content feature, and features for inserting footnotes, comments and other text elements.
A custom built image bank feature gives the users quick access to PowerPoint images in the right size and resolution. The feature allows for logotypes and design elements to be placed on top of the images.



Sample slides created by the EQT presentation tool.