Efficient presentation tool for Scania

Scania is a global company with sales and services in more than 100 countries and 52 000 employees. For Scania, we have developed a presentation tool that makes it easy and fun for all the users to create presentations that follows Scania’s visual identity.

An important identity carrier for the corporation’s visual identity is Scania’s own font. To give a flexibility to the presentation template, we created a feature that allows users to choose whether a presentation should use the Scania profile font, or a standard Microsoft Office font. By making this a choice, it’s easier for the user to share presentations with others. People that doesn’t have the Scania font installed can also edit and show presentations.

Rabarber also implemented an image gallery feature that gives the users quick access to images that are designed for use in presentations.


Scania presentationsverktyg

The presentation tool makes it easy and fun to create presentations.


Other features included in the presentation solution is a gallery for pre-designed inspirational slides for flowcharts, tables and maps. The solution also includes chart tools that can be used to format charts.


Scania exempelsidor med diagram

Sample slides with chart that has been created by using Scania’s chart tool