Professional templates for Singapore Exchange, SGX

When SGX users starts the presentation template, they see a start up dialog where they make basic settings for the presentation they want to create. They can choose what logotype to use, choose between a Chinese or English setup and change the image for the start page. They can also choose background colour and colour scheme for the presentation.

After making the basic settings for the presentation the user can start to create the content for the presentation. The template solution has many different features including a gallery for inserting pre-designed slides. That feature gives the user access to formatted slides that have content that are frequently used in presentations.

They also have access to an image gallery with images suitable for the presentation template and a large icon gallery with different icons and symbols to use in presentations.

SGX presentation tool

SGX has a presentation tool that makes it easy to create presentations.

The template tool also has features for controlling charts and tables that are created in Excel. The chart tool makes it easy to quickly create charts and tables where colours, fonts and other parts of the chart follows the graphic guidelines. Charts are created in set sizes to match the presentation template.

SGX presentationssidor

Different sample slides for SGX.