Templates and tools for Excel

Does your company have consistent looking charts for your data? No, didn’t think so.

Of course, you want the charts created by your Excel users to follow your company’s visual identity in terms of colours and fonts. This is something that we can help you with.

If you want to control the charts in more detail, we have the perfect tool for that. With our Excel tool we can make sure how your charts are formatted in every possible detail. The colours will be your chosen colours, regardless of the number of series included in your chart. We will set the chart size so that your chart fits perfectly to your presentation template or any type of Word document that you use. We can control the labels, axis and other parts so that your charts automatically are created in the way you prefer.

The Excel tool/template is up and running as soon as you start Excel, and you can create the charts in all your Excel workbooks. You will see buttons for the different chart types and a simple click on the button creates the chart as you prefer it. You can also use the tool for formatting tables and data in your workbooks.

Do you prefer to create your charts in PowerPoint?

Not a problem! The same tool can be developed for PowerPoint!

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Some projects where we have developed Excel templates and/or tools:

EQT / East Capital / SGX (Singapore Exchange) / EKN / Business Sweden / SOS Alarm / Skandia / Svefa / Lantmännen / Nordea / Saab / Teracom /  PP Pension / Ovako / IPCO / Bankgirot / Newsec / Advokatfirman Vinge

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