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We love PowerPoint!

PowerPoint has become an important tool in terms of making the company brand stand out. Nowadays, PowerPoint is not only used for creating presentations that captures the audience. It’s also used for creating proposals, reports and other documents that used to be created in Word or InDesign, perhaps by a graphical designer.

PowerPoint may be an easy-to-use tool, but it also allows for a lot of creativity for the user. Sometimes, perhaps too much.

Companies want their users to be able to create professional presentations according to the corporate brand identity. Of course, the user needs to have flexibility, but still follow the graphic guidelines. And even if PowerPoint is easy to use, many users struggle with creating presentations in a time efficient way.

We create all different types of PowerPoint tools and templates

We can assist you in creating custom built tools that gives your users possibilities far beyond what a standard PowerPoint template will allow for. We can implement tools for language control/spell check. We can add a tool for an image bank gallery that gives your users access to your chosen PowerPoint images. We can create tools for chart formatting, additional colours, logotypes, symbols, icons, extended footers etc.

Our main focus with our custom-built tools is that it should be easy, quick and fun to create a presentation! And the result should always be a presentation that give the viewers the impression you want them to have.

Send us your design and Rabarber will quickly see what features that are needed to give you a solution that meets your needs. Please, contact us for more information.

Some of our PowerPoint projects:

Newsec / Academic Work / IP-Only / SGX (Singapore Exchange) / IPCO / Scania / Business Sweden / EQT / Lantmännen / Iver / Teracom / Niam / Newground /  Saab / The Absolut Company / PP Pension / SOS Alarm / Newsec / Nordea / Holmen / Ovako / Gränges / Svefa / Volvo / Sveriges Radio

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